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Welcome to All About Surfboards…a place where surfers can find a wide range of information on surfboards, the art of surfing and surf accessories.

Professional surfers make the sport of surfing look pretty simple.  It seems like they just grab a surfboard, head for the beach, and catch a great wave without any effort at all.  For people who are new to the sport though, learning how to surf and how to use a surfboard can be anything but easy.

No fear….Surfing can become a fun form of exercise and recreation for anyone but it will be necessary to put in a lot of time and practice to learn the basics.  In addition, surfing does require more energy than it seems and therefore surfers must have a great deal of stamina.

Line Of SurfboardsThe very first surfboards ever used were heavy wooden boards over 15 feet long, but these are no longer typical.

Instead, today there are more modern types of surfboards designed for beginners, intermediate and advanced surfers that can be purchased from a variety of surfboard manufacturers, surf shops and shapers.

Many surfers think that there are only two main types of surfboards that they can choose from, a shortboard or longboard.

However the truth is that there are several categories of surfboards including fish surfboards, fun surfboards, quad surfboards, epoxy surfboards, semi guns and gun surfboards.

Before you even decide to choose a surfboard it is very important to know the various aspects of surfboard design, from the different types of surfboard fins (e.g FCS fins), surfboard tails and surfboard bottom contours to how the length and width of your surfboard can affect the way in which you surf.

So maybe you are a beginner surfer and you want to learn about surfing and surfboards but you are afraid to go into a surf shop and ask.  Or maybe you are just your average surfer who wants to get to know the design and mechanics of surfboards better in order to help improve your surfing.

I’ve got all the answers to your questions right here..So sit back and enjoy the ride as I help you get to know your surfboard better!

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Surfboard Rentals – Your Saviour In Desperate Times
You will not always have access to your surfboard when you need it. Surfboard rentals therefore can be a great saviour when the waves are pumping and you have a burning desire to surf.

Surfboard Cover – Day To Day Protection
You should definitely get a surfboard cover for day to day protection of your precious stick.

Wooden Surfboards – The Original Surfboards
The original surfboard design, wooden surfboards, used many types of wood including redwood and balsa.

How To Choose A Surfboard – Know Before You Buy
There are quite a few points to consider before you choose a surfboard. These include your age, weight, height and surfing ability.

Cheap Surfboards – Save Money By Buying Cheap
Choosing to buy cheap surfboards can save you a lot of money in the long run.

Fish Surfboard – Flotation and Speed
A fish surfboard is a shorter, wider and thicker version of your regular shortboard, creating added flotation and speed.

Soft Surfboards – Safety First, Fun After
Soft surfboards are the go to surfboards for the beginner surfer and the little ones

Used Surfboards – Are You Considering Buying Used Surfboards?
Buying used surfboards can be a great way to save money if you are a beginner surfer or buying surfboards for your kids.

The History Of The Surfboard – From Wood To Fiberglass
The history of the surfboard dates back to the Hawaiian ancestors of the 1970′s and takes us to the epoxy surfboards of today.

Surfboard Repair – The First Steps To Fixing Dings
Surfboard repair is something that every surfer can tackle on their own as long as they take the time to learn.

Epoxy Surfboards – The New Alternative Ride
Since the closure of Clark Foam epoxy surfboards have become the new sticks in the lineup.

Surfboard Bag – Finding The Right Surfboard Bag For Your Sticks
Choosing a surfboard bag really isn’t that difficult if you know what you are looking for.

Surfboard Blanks – The Different Types Of Blanks
There are 3 main types of surfboard blanks. These are polyurethane, expanded polystyrene and extruded polystyrene surfboard foam blanks.

Surfboard Design – Getting To Know Your Surfboard
The first thing you need to know when learning about surfboards is surfboard design.  Lets start by taking a look at the many specifications, measurements and aspects of a surfboard with my surfboard design guide.

Surfboard Fins – The Steering Wheel Of Your Surfboard
What are surfboard fins and what do they do?  Surfboard fins are a very essential part of a surfboard and play a number of vital roles.

Surfboard Foam – Choosing The Right Foam For You
There are currently three major types of surfboard foam cores that surfers can choose from, polyurethane, expanded polystyrene and extruded foam.

Surfboard Manufacturers – A Collection Of Surfboard Companies
Who makes surfboards anyway and which manufacturers and surfboard models are the best?

Surfboard Racks – For Travel, Storage and Display
There are many different types of surfboard racks each with its own unique design and purpose.

Surfboard Wax – More Than Just A Funny Name And Nice Smell
Surfboard wax is a surf necessity! Without surf wax you will slip and slide all over your surfboard and most likely will never stand up.

DHD Surfboards by Darren Handley
DHD surfboards are shaped by Kirra’s Darren Handley and is one of the most popular surfboards on Queensland’s Gold Coast.

Surfboard Leash – What is its Purpose and Why Do You Need One?
A surfboard leash is a very important surf accessory which every surfer needs to have in the lineup.