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Learn How To Install Surfboard Fins

Installing removable surfboard fins is very simple and easy process. To install surfboard fins you will need the surfboard fin key that came with your surfboard fins.

Now that you are ready I will teach you how to install surfboard fins in less than 5 minutes!

How To Install FCS Fins

FCS Surfboard Fin KeyInstalling FCS fins requires the use of an FCS Surfboard fin key.

Don’t worry all FCS surfboard fin sets come equipped with an FCS surfboard fin key. This surfboard fin key is used to loosen and tighten the 2 FCS fin screws that hold the tabs of the surfboard fin in place in the FCS fin plug.

You will find these surfboard fin screws along either side of the surfboard fin plug.

With the FCS fin key in hand and the surfboard fin screws located, insert the fin key into one of the two screws and gently loosen the fin screws by turning the fin key to the left.

You do not need to take the screws all the way out of the fin plug, you just need to loosen the screws enough to fit the fin tabs into the fin plug.  You will know you are far enough out when you can’t see the tip of the fin screw in the fin plug slot

Once you have removed both screws enough place the tabs of the FCS fin into the fin plug.  Ensure that the fin tabs are all the way into the fin plug and flush with the bottom of the surfboard.

FCS Surfboard Fin PlugWhile holding the fin firmly against the fin plug tighten the fin screws by turning the FCS fin key to the right until tight. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN THE FIN SCREWS.  If you tighten the fin screws too tight you will strip them and damage the FCS fin plug.

When installing the FCS side fins you are going to want to ensure that the flat side of the surfboard fins are facing towards the centre of the surfboard.  You can differentiate between the left and right side fins by the letter L and R imprinted on the base of the fins.

Once you are confident that the fins a secure go shred!

How To Install Future Fins

Install Future FinsInstalling Future Fins is quite similar to installing FCS surfboard fins.  The main difference with the Future Fins installation is that Future Fins have only one fin screw as opposed to two fin screws, making it quicker and easier to install.

You will find this single fin screw at the top of the Future Fins fin box, towards the nose of the surfboard.

Using the supplied Future Fin key loosen the surfboard fin enough so that you can not see the fin screw in the slot of the Future Fins fin box.

When installing these surfboard fins you will want to insert the back of the surfboard fin into the back slot of the surfboard fin box first.

Once you have slotted in the back of the Future Fin you will want to gently slot in the front of the fin into the front of the fin box where the fin screw is located.

Once the fin is snuggly slotted into the fin box you can then tighten the surfboard fin screw using the surfboard fin key.

Remember DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN THE FIN SCREW.  Just like FCS fins this will lead to stripping of the fin screw.

Wiggle those fins to make sure they are in tight and go rip!

How To Install Red X Surfboard Fins

Install Red X Surfboard FinInstalling RED X Surfboard fins is really, really easy because you don’t even need a surfboard key!….all you need is a single blade or flat head screw driver.

Unlike FCS and Future Fins the fin screw for Red X fins are inserted through the top of the surfboard tail into the base of the surfboard fin through the fin box.  Therefore the first thing you will want to do is insert the base of your Red X surfboard fin into the base of the surfboard fin box.

Once your surfboard fin is positioned you can then flip over the surfboard, while holding onto the surfboard fin, and screw the fin screw into the base of the surfboard fin.

Before tightening the Red X surfboard fin screw make any adjustments, forward or backward, that you would like.  Once satisfied tighten the fin screw just tight enough that the Red X fin is snug and will not slide back and forth.

Once snug go get shacked!

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