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Few surfers would be surprised to learn that Lost Surfboards is the largest manufacturer of surfboards in the United States.

And in such a competitive and fast-evolving industry, such a feat cannot be a fluke and has taken years of consistent delivery, effort, quality and market-awareness for Lost Surfboards to take its place among the greats surfboard manufacturers.

It has taken a combination of innovation, employment of cutting edge technology, a seamless supply chain and a focus on customer needs for the brand to get to where it is today.

It is also very important to mention Lost Enterprises’ raw approach to showing the world ‘What’s Really Going On’ in the surf world and dismissing the false view that the boom of competitive surfing has caused.

The History Of Lost Surfboards

Matt Biolos of Lost Surfboards

Lost Surfboards has its history intertwined with one Matt Biolos.

The brand name ‘Lost’ was adopted from an early recreational sports adventure that Matt and a couple of friends had in the mid 1980s.

They christened themselves ‘Team Lost’ and had the insignia scribbled across their t-shirts, tables and everything else they came across. The name ‘Lost’ was picked to illustrate the laid back happy-go-lucky nature of their friends at the time.

Many years later, Matt Biolos would adopt this name for surfboards he shaped; a stroke of genius as it resonated with ‘surfaholics’.

In 1987 Matt Biolos made his first surfboard under the brand ‘Mayhem’.  Financing for the business was a major impediment and so that year, he only managed to churn out 20 surfboards.

He took the next number of years learning from master shapers of his time while still shaping his own Mayhem surfboards.

About 5 years later, 1992 proved to be a defining year for the business as it is then that he took on the ‘Lost’ brand and begun to use it not just for the surfboards he shaped but apparel as well.

The Surfboards

Lost SurfboardWhen referring to Lost Surfboards, drab and boring are certainly not terms you will be inclined to use.

Perhaps one of the most appealing and unique aspects of these surfboards has been the diversity of board colors and visual designs. This has been achieved through an incredible team of famous surfboard graphic artists including Sean Spoto and Drew Brophy .

The uniqueness of Lost surfboards also shines true through their variety of surfboard shapes and models.

These models include the Round Nose Fish, the 5 Fin Shark, the Speed Demon, the radical Psycho Ward surfboard, and the fast and easy-to-maneuver F-1 board.

Below is a list of the surfboard models offered by Lost Mayhem Surfboards.

The Scorcher New Surfboard

Scorcher Lost Surfboards

The Scorcher Lost Surfboard is a new design for 2010 that was designed for team rider Kolohe Andino, son of surfer Dino Andino. This surfboard design won Kolohe 3 NSSA titles in 2009.

The F-1 (Formula 1)New Surfboard

f1 lost surfboards

The F1 Lost Surfboard was designed with the high performance of Formula 1 race cars in mind.These surfboards are meant to be surfed fast and turned sharp!

The StealthNew Surfboard

Stealth Lost Surfboards

The Stealth Lost Surfboard is Lost’s way of hiding their popular Rocket surfboard model in a more high performance shape so that their team riders had a secret weapon to use in contests. So if you want a high performance shortboard that surfs with the speed of a fish surfboard, this is the lost model for you.

Learn more about The Lost Stealth Surfboard

Speed Demon 2

Speed Demon 2 Lost Surfboards

The Speed Demon 2 Lost Surfboard is the manufacturer’s best selling model of all time and is the most popular surfboard model in the world.

This board is loved by surfers of all sizes and is the best Lost surfboard model if you want to be guaranteed a forgiving, high performance surfboard that you will love!

Learn more about The Lost Speed Demon 2 Surfboard

Speed Demon 3

Speed Demon 3 Lost surfboards

The Speed Demon 3 Lost model for 2009 is a fine tuned version of the 2006 model with an updated rock and bottom contours.

This has been Lost’s “go to” surfboard for first time custom orders.

Speed Demon Lux (SD-LUX)

SD Lux Lost Surfboards

The SD-LUX is the newest addition to Lost Surfboards’ Speed Demon Series.  This surfboard model is very user friendly with a conservative outline and strong impact and crack resistant glassing.

This surfboard is built for the discerning surfer.

The Rocket

Rocket Lost Surfboard

Lost Surfboard’s most succussful new surfboard model,  The Rocket is a surfboard that you can ride in small to average sized waves like you would surf any board in perfect conditions.

Learn more about The Lost Rocket Surfboard

Psycho Ward

Psycho Ward Lost Surfboards

Not much needs to be said about Chris Ward’s pro model, The Psycho Ward.  This is the Lost surfboard model ordered by most of the company’s WQS and WCT surfers.

So if you want to surf like Wardo quit wasting time!

The Deal

The Deal Lost Surfboards

The Deal is Shane Beschen’s pro model surfboard that combines the designs of surfboards that have worked for Shane in the past, providing you with what you need to surf like Beschen does.

The Whiplash!

Whiplash Lost Surfboards

The Whiplash Lost Surfboard is the surfboard model loved the most by the Lost Team pro surfers.  These surfboards are the most responsive boards Lost offers featuring very low volume and deep concaves.

Lee Stacey Designs S3

Lee Stacey Designs S3 Lost Surfboards

Lee Stacey is an Australian shaper who Matt Biolos has teamed up with.  Lee Stacey’s S3 Lost Surfboard model is an all rounder board designed for all surfers in all conditions.

This surfboard model has been team rider Luke Stedman’s favourite board for the wide range of waves on the WCT.

5 Fin Shark

5 Fin Shark Lost Surfboard

If you need one surfboard that you wish to surf in any condition then the 5 Fin Shark is for you.

You can ride this board as a Quad in sloppy surf and then switch it to a thruster when the waves start to go off!

Round Nose Fish

Round Nose Fish Lost Surfboards

The Round Nosh Fish by Lost is the world’s best selling fish model.  So if you are looking for the ultimate fish that paddles great, goes fast and makes you look good then this is it.

Round Nose Fish Quad

Round Nose Fish Lost Surfboards

This is the Quad verison of the Round Nose Fish and is featured in the Lost video 5’5″ x 19 1/4″ REDUX.

This Lost Fish Surfboard is faster and better in small surf than the standard Round Nose Fish.

1997 Limited Edition Round Nose Fish Classic

Round Nose Fish Classic Limited Edition 1997 Lost Surfboards

These Lost Fish Surfboards are replicas of the Round Nose Fish made famous by Cory Lopex, Chris Ward and Andy Irons in the classic Lost Film 5’5″ x 19 1/4″.


Gullwing Lost Surfboards

The Gullwing Lost Surfboard is a 5 fin surfboard that combines the features of the Round Nose Fish and the Lost Rocket to create a surfboard that is perfect for the heavier surfers.

The Monkfish

The Monkfish Lost Surfboards

The Monkfish is a high volume surfboard design influenced by the old school MR retro boards. These Lost Surfboards are great for surfers who surf small choppy waves often.


Lost Glider Surfboards

The Glider is a shortboard fish hybrid by Lost that has a curvy outline with added length, allowing it to work great in overhead crowded surf.

Learn more about The Lost Glider Surfboard

Step Ups & Mini Guns

Mayhem Lost Surfboards

Lost also offers Step Up and Mini Guns for the big wave surfers at heart.  If you are a charger and love the Lost surfboard brand then these boards are for you.

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