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Surfboard Fins "The Key To Tweaking"

Surfboard Fins Guide

Surfboard fins are found on the bottom of every surfboard, usually at the tail of the surfboard.  Surf fins are a very essential part of a surfboard and play a number of vital roles.

Fins are like the steering wheel of a surfboard, without them you would not be able to keep a surfboard going straight when you want it to go straight or turn when we want it to turn. Without them the surfboard would just slide from under your feet when you try to turn the surfboard.

Therefore the most important role of surfboard fins is to allow the surfboard to “hold on” to a wave.

As a surfer pushes against the tail of his surfboard and thus against the surfboards fins friction is caused between the fins and the water allowing the surfer to guide the surfboard in the direction he wishes.

By changing the shape and various characteristics of a surfboard fin a surfer can directly affect the way his surfboard responses to the pressure of his backfoot.

By choosing a surfboard fin with less area, less sweep and less depth a surfer can cause his surfboard to be very loose and responsive, turning on command. While doing the reverse will create a stiffer feeling surfboard.

Surfboard Fin DesignThe Surfboard Fin Design Guide
This surfboard fin design guide will teach you about surf fin terminology helping you make the best decision when choosing a surf fin set.

Types Of Surfboard Fins

What Are The Different Types Of Surfboard Fins?
There are three main types of surf fins.  These are soft fins, glass on fins and removable fins.

FCS Surfboard Fin Key

How Do You Install Surfboard Fins?
Installing removable fins is very simple and easy process. To install these fins you will need the surfboard fin key that came with your fins.

FCS or Future Fins

The Fin Rivalry: FCS Fins or Future Fins?
Should you buy FCS or Future Fins on your next surfboard?  This has been a long debated question since Future Fins came on to the removable surf fins market becoming FCS’ main rival.

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