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The Different Types Of Surfboard Racks

Surfboard Racks

Surfboard racks are devices that hold a surfboard securely in place and have a pretty important place in a surfer’s life. They are three main uses for a surfboard rack..

  • Travel With Your Surfboards – Without a surfboard rack, most surfers would not be able to transport their surfboard around with them and most importantly to the beach.
  • Store Your Surfboards – Without surfboard racks in the spare room, shed, basement, or garage of your home, surfboards will start to gather underfoot and take up valuable wall and standing space usually designated for other objects.
  • Display Your Surfboards – For those surfers lucky enough to own a vintage surfboard or custom surfboard, surfboard racks can be used to proudly display these collector’s items for all to admire…if you are allowed too of course : ).

There are a variety of types of surfboard racks, each usually designed for one or many of the above purposes.

Surfboard Wall Racks

Nice Rack Surfboard Wall RackAs I just mentioned a wall surf rack can be used to either display, or keep your surfboards off the ground and keep them safe from damage.

These surf racks can attach either directly to a wall or are also available as stands.  This allows your surfboard to be held both horizontally in the air or vertically with the tail resting against the floor.

If you will be using your surfboard rack to display your boards on your wall,  you can purchase a surfboard wall rack in an aesthetically pleasing wood design to suit all sorts of home decors.

These however are going to be more costly than the more basic surfboard wall racks used in the garage or shed for safe storage….But you are using the rack to show of your surfboards so the extra cost is worth it right?

T-Rax Surfboard RacksThere are also huge selections of cheaper surfboard wall racks for the garage or storage room. Having a wall rack in your garage means that both your cars and your surfboards can be housed economically.

Just be sure to place the surf racks high enough up off the ground out of the way of opening car doors and unsuspecting heads.

When purchasing a surf rack for this purpose also ensure that the rack comes with foam coverings.  This foam will cover the metal construction of the rack so that your surfboards will not get dented or damaged when you put them to rest.

But don’t worry if you have already purchased one with out padding, you can easily make your own foam coverings using cheap pipe insulation found at most major hardware stores.

Surfboard wall racks are available in a variety of sizes. Those of you lucky enough to own more than one surfboard can even purchase a surf rack that will hold up to 8 surfboards in one place!

Basic hanging wall rack hooks that are suitable for safe storage in the garage or shed, and that hold 1 surfboard start at around $25 US, £20 and $45 Aus.

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Surfboard Car Rack

There are quite a few different styles of surfboard car racks. These surfboard racks can range from the very practical soft racks to the more permanent and fixed hard car racks.

Soft Surfboard Racks For Your car

Ocean Earth Double Padded RackSoft car racks can be a surfer’s best friend, especially when on vacation with a rental or hire car. All you do is pack them in your board bag, and when you get to the car rental, hey presto, you affix them to the top of the car and off you go.

And guess what….they are pretty darn cheap!

Soft surfboard racks are available in a couple of sizes, usually a smaller version capable of holding 2 or 3 surfboards, and a double which can hold up to 6 or 8 surfboards.

Single soft racks for the car can start from about $36 US, £35, and $45 for the Aussie surfers.

Hard Surfboard Racks For Your Car

Block Surf Hard Surfboard RackThis type of surfboard racks are permanently fitted to the roof of your car and can make great sense for the regular surfer. Though more expensive than soft surfboard racks they will last you a very long time.

Many cars today also come with hard racks already built onto the roof of the car for attaching bike racks and canoe racks.

This will allow you to make your own surfboard roof rack for your car by velcroing some soft foam specially made for the job on to the racks.  This will help prevent denting your surfboard. Alternatively, you can use a board bag or even a beach towel to minimize the impact of the surfboard on the racks.

Locking Surfboard Racks

Inno Locker Surfboard RackThis type of surfboard racks is ideally a hard surf rack with a locking mechanism. This is perfect for the surfer who is travelling and will be leaving their surfboards unattended on the top of their car.

You don’t really want to be locking your surfboards in your hot car every time you stop for a meal do you?

These locking systems often hold 2 to 3 surfboards at one time, making them ideal for a surf vacation or surf trip.

They are also great for surfers who are going to be camping during their surfari and don’t want to share their tent or camper with their favourite surfboard.

Surfboard Bike Rack

Block Surf Side Ride Bike RackNot every surfer can afford a car, especially groms, and therefore many surfers bike to their favourite surf break.

A surfboard bike rack is ideal for these surfers as it can attach either to the back of your bicycle, or along one side of your bike.  You can then strap your surfboard on and away you go.

These surf racks are great for smaller and lighter surfboards, but once the surfboard gets too long, particularly with the racks that attach at the back of the bike, you can start to hit logistical problems!

Your surfboard can soon become a wide load and you will therefore need to be very careful when riding along side cars and taking corners.

Bike racks for surfboards can be bought for about $85 US, £80, and $60 in Australia.

Surfboard racks are an important part of safe storage and travel for your surfboard. Safe storage and travel will ensure that your surfboard will get a whole lot less dinged so you should consider investing in one.

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